Setting up a new business in Japan but don’t know where to start?
Seeking to effectively infiltrate the lucrative Japanese business market?
Seeking expansion from Japan to reach international markets?

We speak the international language that enables
all businesses to interact and thrive!

Building bridges between international businesses!

To successfully infiltrate any foreign business environment, you need to understand the customs, culture and language of that country’s business community.

KGM provides a comprehensive range of innovative digital marketing solutions for those wishing to expand their business in Japan - and Japanese businesses seeking international opportunities.

We serve SMMEs in every industry and field. Our clientele includes Restaurants, Fashion brands, Food companies, Cosmetics companies and many more….


Through innovative web marketing solutions we foster meaningful connections between international brands -transcending language barriers and cultural differences.

Our primary pillars of service

Website Design and Development

With in-depth knowledge of the Japanese market and culture, we create cutting- edge, user-friendly websites that resonate with your target audience.

Social Media Campaigns

Our experienced team leverage Social Media power to amplify your brand's message, drive engagement, and increase conversions!

Press Releases

Commonly used by Japanese PR specialists, Press Releases are an effective way to elevate your brand’s visibility and awareness.

Photography and Videos

Our talented team of Photographers and Videographers is dedicated to producing exceptional images and videos that embody your brand's unique identity within the Japanese market.

Branding strategies

Our branding specialists excel in developing brand identities that appeal to local sensibilities by embodying your company's unique values and vision.

Legal Documentation

Our experienced legal team, fluent in Japanese legal practices, ensures that all business and real estate documentation is meticulously crafted and compliant with local laws.


With our extensive marketing experience and capabilities, Crowdfunding is a natural extension of our expertise for those wishing to raise funds for new ventures in foreign markets.


At KizunaGlobe Marketing, we fully understand the importance of clear communication in expanding your business.

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Why KGM?

What makes KGM so special - and your first choice for marketing and other support when surveying global market possibilities?

A holistic approach

We have compiled a formidable international team of experts in all the required disciplines to ensure maximum exposure for foreign businesses in Japan and Japanese businesses abroad. These include Digital and Social Media marketing specialists and Social media influencers, a branding specialist, a crowdfunding specialist, multilingual copywriters and PR marketing specialists.

International marketing and research

This international team of specialists translates to a more comprehensive range of marketing and research capabilities on an international level. This ensures businesses seeking opportunities here or Japanese businesses seeking international opportunities ‘on-the-ground’ knowledge of the business and cultural nuances of your territory of choice.

On-the-ground support in Japan

In Japan the ‘on-the-ground’ support extends to legal services in terms of compliant documentation and assistance with useful government subsidies offered to foreign companies to support global expansion.

A wide range of services means flexibility

Due to our elaborate service offerings we can offer customised support to all manner of businesses regardless of size and nature of business, within reason.

Accountability and values

We are fully accountable for every project we embark on and to every client. Our track record speaks volumes about our value system and the commitment to honourable dealings on every level – but don’t just take our word for it – see what some of our loyal customers have to say…


KGM – establishing your brand in the hearts and minds of Japanese people and the international business community!

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