Who we are

KGM – your connection hub to Japan and

the international business community!

KizunaGlobe Marketing was founded by KJ Nakao, an accomplished musician and multilingual entrepreneur with a passion for connecting people – particularly Japanese people with the global business community.

At our core, we believe in the power of ‘Kizuna’ – the unbreakable bond that connects us all!

KGM is a hands-on, goal-oriented, solutions-driven, multi-faceted Digital and Social Media Marketing Company, based in Japan with an international footprint, eager to build bridges amongst business people from every corner of the globe.

Our wide range of services and international team of experts ensure that we can accurately deliver and spread your brand message within Japan – or externally for Japanese businesses.


Our Mission

To leverage the bond of Kizuna to bridge cultural divides and propel businesses towards the Japanese market. Transcending language barriers and cultural differences, we strive to foster meaningful connections between brands and international audiences through innovative web marketing solutions.

Our Vision

To cultivate a thriving global community where Kizuna stands as the foundation for mutual understanding, collaboration, and shared success. We aspire to build a brighter future together, where Japanese excellence shines brightly on the world’s digital landscape.

Dr. KJ Nakao


KJ Nakao is a multi-talented, multilingual, entrepreneur holding several key positions in
businesses serving the global community. Apart from being the founder and owner of
Kizuna/Globe Marketing, he is the Owner of Nakao Team Sarl, a company that imports and
sells Japanese products in Switzerland and the owner of KizunaGlobe Music Academy, an online school of music and English. These positions, together with his current marketing skills, have enabled KJ to become the skilled, astute businessman he is today.

An impressive academic and business path

Born and raised in Shimonoseki City, KJ graduated with a degree in English linguistics at
Kansai Gaidai University. An accomplished musician, he received a scholarship to study in
the United States, where he earned a Master’s Degree (University of Nevada) and a PhD. (University of Arizona) in music composition. In stead of pursuing his career in academia, KJ moved to Switzerland to hone his business and marketing skills and started the retail business Nakao Team Sarl. Upon his return to Japan, he ventured into his online school business, followed by further studies and experience gained in Internet marketing.

On the personal side, KJ is a self-described wine geek who also loves quantum physics and philosophy. Fluent in English, French, and Japanese, he has combined this with his multiple skills to build bridges and cross international boundaries through KGM.

Maya Sato

Chief Web Developer

Maya is an experienced and accomplished Web designer and Developer working primarily
on WordPress. Born in Kumamoto and raised in Fukuoka, she honed her skills at large
advertising agencies for several years before she was headhunted by KizunaGlobe Marketing. Maya has a passion for creating sites that are memorable, functional, effective and user-friendly to navigate. Maya is also a talented logo creator and video editor who gets her greatest satisfaction from witnessing her client’s businesses grow on an international level.

When not at work, Maya enjoys yoga, meditation, and wearing a traditional Japanese

Kayo Harada

Marketing Specialist

Specialist Marketer Kayo Harada brings 13 years of experience in corporate sales at a
renowned Japanese IT company and 10 years of independent marketing support for SMMEs to the table. Kayo was a perfect fit for the KGM stable as she is a specialist in improving the sales channels of products that are not selling well simply because they are not well recognised. She delights in introducing products to a new market and establishing them as household names!

Marta’s personal interests lie in exploring the cultures and lifestyles of different countries.
She harbours a passion for animal conservation and has a bucket list goal to see wildlife in Africa.


KGM – establishing your brand in the hearts and minds of Japanese people and the international business community!

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